Inspire the world with what’s in front of you.


The Baby Boomer generation and older remember a world that wasn’t so global.  I used my first computer in 1989,  typing in commands and patiently waiting for something to happen.  Many in my generation and older did not use technology or the World Wide Web until this century.  Not realizing its possibilities, I was very reluctant at first to dive in and embrace all that the Internet had to offer.  However, to the generations following Boomers, technology is a way of life.   Generation X, the Millennials, the iGeneration all grew up on it, and as you matured, so did  technology.  Are you aware of what you have in front of you?   Are you using technology in a way to help you reach your full potential in life?    Share what you know.  Be a positive informer.  Inspire the world.

2 thoughts on “Inspire the world with what’s in front of you.

  1. Sedoni

    I agree that technology has changed the world dramatically and because of technology, many people are able to do more than their parents did. Technology not only contributes to being an efficient part of life but it also inspires me to work harder and prepare for future advances.


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