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Moving on? You are always welcome back!

Never stop reading!

Never stop reading!

Many of you are getting ready to leave us, and you will be missed. The library staff is here to help as you transition from college student to professional. The library has resources to assist you with researching prospective employers, interviewing, and developing your professional image. We have several books on display that cover workplace topics. Don’t forget about the databases Reference USA and First Research, which may also be of help in your job search.  (Middleton – repost)

Soft Skills – Being Professional

If you are a student at King’s College it is likely that you want a higher education that will provide you with the knowledge and skills to compete in today’s labor market.  You chose King’s because we deliver what we advertise, such as an intense course of study to accelerate your program and job placement upon completion.  One soft skill in particular that may help your career the most is professionalism.  Most people know they should be professional in the work place, but what about being professional at school?  Do we all have the same idea of what professional is?  A suit and tie can’t do it alone – being professional starts in your mind and in the perception of others.  Check out more soft skills at U.S. Department of Labor:



Inspire the world with what’s in front of you.


The Baby Boomer generation and older remember a world that wasn’t so global.  I used my first computer in 1989,  typing in commands and patiently waiting for something to happen.  Many in my generation and older did not use technology or the World Wide Web until this century.  Not realizing its possibilities, I was very reluctant at first to dive in and embrace all that the Internet had to offer.  However, to the generations following Boomers, technology is a way of life.   Generation X, the Millennials, the iGeneration all grew up on it, and as you matured, so did  technology.  Are you aware of what you have in front of you?   Are you using technology in a way to help you reach your full potential in life?    Share what you know.  Be a positive informer.  Inspire the world.

I’m here for you.


By now, everyone at King’s College has probably passed through the library. If you have not, I would love for us to meet. I enjoy getting to know you, and would love to know how I can better assist you. If you’ve been here for a while, you may have already taken a survey on our library services. I will be giving the same survey out to our new students (July & Sept.). I also invite you to make helpful suggestions or comments that can improve the library and our services. You may either make them on the blog, or by filling out a suggestion form and placing it in our box in the hallway (forthcoming). Suggestions/comments are certainly appreciated, however I will not be able to serve donuts and coffee (#: (And BTW, this is my first blog, all previous blogs were authored by Tenley Middleton).

Sincerely, Jennifer Price