New School Year = New Books!

Hooray for the beginning of the new school year!  We have some great new books in the library.  Please allow me to tell you about them.

The United States of Paranoia by Jesse Walker – Are you interested in conspiracy theories?  Do you wonder where these stories come from, and if there is any truth to them?  Mr. Walker takes the reader through an exploration of several conspiracy theories. He discusses where the conspiracies originated, how the stories changed over time, and what the stories mean even if they are found to be untrue. The book also includes detailed notes for each chapter and an index.

The End of the Suburbs: where the American dream is moving by Leigh Gallagher – While the claim that the era of the suburbs is indeed coming to an end is disputed, Gallagher does explain what effect the burst of the housing bubble has had on where we decide to live and the ways in which the “American Dream” has changed.

Fevered: why a hotter planet will hurt our healthand how we can save ourselves by Linda Marsa – In what is not your “typical” global warming book, Marsa addresses the toll a warmer planet takes on our health, a topic she feels has been largely overlooked.  Marsa also includes information about what we can do to prepare for an even warmer future planet.

We Are Anonymous: inside the hacker world of LulzSec, Anonymous, and the Global Cyber Insurgency by Parmy Olson – If you want to learn more about the mysterious hacker group Anonymous, this is the book for you!

This is just a sample of new offerings King’s College Library has for you.  These titles, as well as other new library books, are available to be checked out.  Come take a look!

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