Do you have copyright questions? If so, you are not alone!

The library recently purchased a new book Copyright Questions and Answers for Information Professionals by Laura N. Gasaway.  The book is written in question and answer style, and is also indexed for easier searching.  In the short time I have been here, I have already had some copyright questions.  Copyright is something which we all have to navigate, and we all share the responsibility of being informed. 

One question that has come up repeatedly regards the use of YouTube videos in student classroom presentations.  According to Gasaway (2013), links to material open to all on the web, even deep links, are not a violation of copyright.  Therefore, including a hyperlink in a presentation, is likely not a copyright violation, especially if the presenter is clear that he/she is linking to a video online and not passing it off as his/her work.  If the presentation is being videotaped for wider distribution, then there are possible copyright concerns.  Using software to copy the video off the internet and imbed it in the presentation, however, is a copyright issue.

I find it interesting that since YouTube can often be the source of copyright questions, it can be the answer to copyright questions, as well.  YouTube has a clear language definition of copyright on its website –

Copyright is a complicated issue, but we can work together to answer any questions you may have.  Gasaway’s book is located in the library reference section.  See the library staff if you need help with this or any other library issue.  We look forward to helping you soon!


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