Monthly Archives: July 2013

Are you keeping up with us on Facebook?

Did you know the library has a Facebook page –  Library updates including new books, database information, and useful tips will be posted to our Facebook page.  In the last week, we discussed a Google limitation, free language tools, and tips for using public computers.  To stay informed about what is new in the library, be sure to check us out.

It may be summer, but classes are in full-swing, and so is the library!

We are now two weeks into the second term of the Summer! Hopefully, all you new students have discovered the library, but if you haven’t, stop by and check us out. Along with our print collection, we also have computers, printers, and a photocopier. We are open until 7 p.m., Monday-Thursday, and 4 p.m. on Friday. Of course you always have 24/7 access to our online databases and e-books, through the library website Please see the library staff if you require login information or assistance. We hope you continue to have a wonderful term.